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Is it essential for businesses to have an app?

by UpKeen

Is having an application essential to your business? The answer is: yes, but not always. It is true that today, applications are multiplying, because it is increasingly simple to develop one without breaking the bank. However, creating a business does not necessarily mean creating an application. It all depends on the field of activity concerned and the desired goal.

The application is a very reliable, efficient and easy to use support. It is for this reason that today people use apps more than websites. In the blink of an eye, you can buy what makes you happy or play your favourite games. Just pull out your smartphone or tablet and get started on whatever activity you desire.

Game applications to communicate

Communication experts today use different strategies to reach their target and get the message across. But while most of these techniques take time to bear fruit, gaming apps seem like the perfect formula to stand out. You have certainly already played iphone games and your customers too. The idea is to use gaming for mass communication: we’re talking about advergaming.

This strategy involves inserting branded content into a game in order to capture the player’s attention. This is done by generating an in-game brand footprint in a non-intrusive way. Likewise, the rate of use of smartphones and the number of players registered to date show the potential of this communication strategy. There is therefore no shadow of a doubt that this is a winning strategy, which can be applied by all companies.

Finally, note that the application facilitates the customer experience thanks to its ergonomics. You find yourself closer to your customers.

Two-thirds of French people use apps on a daily basis

In 2020, according to a study by Mediametrie in France, two thirds of internet users connected via their smartphone, an increase of 15% compared to 2019 (a figure which will increase further in the coming years). This trend marks the way in which users are changing their relationship to the Internet: with more spontaneity and proximity. The massive arrival of 5G and the connection continuity opportunities it will offer over an even wider territory than today will help increase this connectivity via mobile devices.

In this context, it is difficult to escape the development of applications as an entrepreneur in direct contact with customers. Because that is what it is all about first and foremost: the application offers privileged contact with customers. We are talking about proximity and efficiency for an unsurpassed loyalty tool.

For all that concerns merchant sites, the French prefer applications: in a few clicks, they can buy what they want for their meal, book a cinema ticket or a plane ticket, but also order a pair of shoes. It must be said that the periods of confinement experienced during the two previous years have modified certain consumption habits: people increasingly feel the need to order online and apps help meet these new demands.

An app yes… But of quality!

Launching an application now seems to be a must for any company wishing to have a loyal and committed relationship with its customers. However, to ensure that the application meets the needs of the company, it is necessary to devote time and a certain know-how to it. It also requires a budget to surround itself with a team of specialised technicians: generally, companies entrust this task to a mobile application development agency.

You can also try on your own, but this operation risks taking time and creating malfunctions if you are not competent enough. Tutorials exist to guide you in your application creations, but you will need to be patient and not be in too much of a hurry!

In summary, the launch of an application is now becoming a sine qua non condition for the development of a business for commercial purposes. But to use a commonplace: better not to have an app than an ineffective or poorly developed app. Taking decisive contours at the time of (almost) any smartphone, the application is gradually becoming a guarantee of the quality of the company. Its reputation is therefore at stake.

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