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How To Develop A Modern Website?

by UpKeen

Trends on the web often change very quickly. The last few years have been the expression of this paradigm shift, with numerous examples. That of Google which has updated its algorithms and revised its claims upwards speaking of organic seo is evocative to this effect.

Faced with such progress and such rapid changes, it becomes important to have a modern website for your business. If, for example, you have a website that is five years old, it is probably time to rethink it.

Indeed, Internet users are more and more interested in new products. Moreover, there is no doubt that your website in its current state is over. Switching to a modern website is also necessary because your business will have evolved, as will your marketing strategy. So why have a modern website? How to achieve it? Focus!

How do you recognise a modern website?

A modern website in 2022 is a site that captures the attention of your visitors and seduces them with its design. It is characterised by this attractive presentation, which arouses the curiosity of the Internet user and encourages him to spend more time there. Thanks to a modern design, the use of the most recent techniques of settings and skilfully chosen colours, a modern website makes it possible to retain your visitors.

A design website is a site that is in harmony with the needs of your company, your sector of activity. It is in tune with new trends in web design, and gives a professional image of your entity. Seen in this way, the interest of having a modern site can be assessed in different ways.

Through a modern website respecting the latest trends, your visitors and customers will have a better idea of ​​the values ​​of your company, and will feel more associated with these ideals. It combines interactive design, creativity, web development, with the aim of achieving a unique experience that will build customer loyalty. Here, the contents are both optimised for SEO and in order to offer each visitor a unique experience.

So what are the benefits of a modern website?

Having a modern site in 2020 has many advantages. Compared to old sites, the modern version of your representativeness on the internet will help boost your business. Besides this aspect, there are many more associated with modernising your site.

Give a better professional image

Your website is the first point of contact between the company and its potential customers. An Internet user who has heard of your professional activity will want to visit your site, just to push his curiosity far. It is therefore essential that his first impression is the right one. This is the condition for him to continue his experience and possibly decide to buy your products or services. Appearance is key here.

In a few seconds, the professional image that your platform sends back must be convincing enough to encourage this potential customer to venture there even longer. Know that Internet users only take a few seconds to get an image of your company through its website. The assistance of a professional graphic designer who will be able to highlight your visual identity is essential, such as creating beautiful logo for your website, for this purpose.

To arouse interest

A modern site in 2020 is a site that knows how to retain a visitor looking for information, who wishes to satisfy a need. Arousing interest supposes that your site establishes a link, a harmony between on the one hand what the visitor wants and, on the other hand, what your site offers him.

Once on your site, he appreciates your ability to satisfy him in seconds. If he is not convinced, he continues his research and will probe other sites (certainly competitors). A platform of interest is one whose retention rate is higher than the bounce rate.

The other advantages of a modern site

In addition to generating interest and giving your business a more professional image, a modern site allows you to:

  • To have better visibility and to be put forward in your sector of activity compared to your competitors;
  • Develop an audience. This advantage goes hand in hand with that of visibility. The modern site allows you to have visibility with the right audience. This precision is important and determines the growth of your business. For this, your graphical code, your semantic ergonomics and all other details must be taken into account;
  • Heavy traffic;
  • A constantly changing conversion rate;
  • Considerable time savings through an optimised user experience thanks to pages that load quickly;
  • A rising turnover.

What are the trends that guarantee the modernity of your site?

To have a modern website in 2020, there are popular trends on which you will do well to bet. They are the expression of the evolution that mark the world of web design.

Today, videos has become essential for a modern website. It is a medium that is increasingly appreciated by Internet users. It engages them much more than the image and the content. On Facebook, for example, video generates 59% more reactions than other formats. It is clearer and more precise, more modern and dynamic, in addition to being appreciated by Google.

In addition, a modern website in 2022 also relies on the GIF. It allows you to bring animation to your website, have an app for your website and highlight the main message you want to convey. Equally useful, micro-interactions have many advantages for your site in 2020. They have both a functional and a design side.

To these trends are added others such as:

  • Virtual assistants that allow you to improve customer relations;
  • 3D that optimises your conversion rate and immersive 3D elements;
  • The Dark mode (dark mode);
  • Colors;
  • Comfortable navigation on all kinds of screens (smartphone, tablets, computers), regardless of operating systems.

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